DSH Concreting Solutions provides all your concreting needs for your residential or commercial project.

Our highly experienced team will offer the best advice to ensure an affordable and professional service that is not only practical, but looks great!

From house slabs and foundations, through to unique and practical driveways and pathways, our concreiting solutions will add purpose and value to your property.

 Concrete Slab (plain or exposed) 

Laying the foundation for your new home is an important stage in the building process. We specialise in concrete slabs for both domestic or commercial laydowns, whether it be a plain standard grey mixture or an exposed aggregate finish which is generally a rough surface whereby the stone and pebbles are exposed. We pride ourselves in providing our customers what they pay always putting in 110% in order to achieve the best finish. 

Driveways (plain or exposed)

Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they arrive at your home therefore you want it to be visually appealing and well laid with the appropriate cuts to avoid cracking. Our most popular driveway finish is an exposed aggregate which is available in a range of different colours. An exposed surface is generally quite rough whereby the stones and pebbles are visible. Being a rough surface, it is textured and is generally a lot less slippery then other finishes during wet weather minimising slipping and falls.

Other popular options we offer include plain (standard grey mixture) or coloured concrete or even stencilled, all of which add beauty and value to your home.

Tank or Shed Slab

If you require a tank or shed slab, we can certainly assist, whether it be a small tank or garden shed slab or a large shed slab. These slabs are generally a plain, standard grey mixture. Most importantly, we aim to provide a well laid slab with a strong foundation.

Piers & Footings

With our own complete combo, including a bobcat and excavator 8t tipper combo, we can certainly assist with digging your piers or footings and preparing the correct foundation for your slab. The depth and height of your footings depends very much on the ground type and is extremely important as they support the weight of your building or home.

Cover Crete

Cover Crete can be applied to either new or existing concrete surfaces. Given its rough finish, it is ideal for driveways, footpaths, pool surrounds or entertainment areas to avoid slippage. Cover Crete is a great way to restore old or damaged concrete giving it a fresh, new, contemporary feel. Cover Crete comes in a wide range of colours and patterns and is a great cost-effective way to brighten or modernise your home adding value at the same time.